Smash Cake Pictures!

A week before Henry's first birthday party we decided to do a little test run with the smash cake.  I'm so glad we did this as it was fun to see all his expressions and capture it on film.  He was a little more reserved at his actual party with all of the people there so I felt like we got the "real deal" with this go round.  

We took the pictures at my parents house and I think they turned out great!  My mom found the high chair on Craigslist and had painted it.  She was also responsible for the cute decorations and baking the cake - Thanks Mom!  

Henry loved the balloons and was very interested in touching them.... That is until the cake came along!

 Hmm.... what is this??

Not so sure about this...

Is she actually going to let me play with this?!?

Well in that case....

It sure feels good on my fingers...

This is pretty fun...

Mmm...and tastes good!  

Feels good and tastes good?? Score!

Thanks Mimi :) 

Best day ever!

Let's get back to eating...

 And smashing...

Birthdays are awesome!

Party pics coming soon :) 

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  1. Did your mom use construction paper for the number one banner? How did she make the balloon topping for the cake? I love how she decorated the high chair. It's so adorable. My daughter's first birthday is coming up on 11/27. I love the balloon idea.


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