Three Months...

Henry Ryan... you are three months old!

This has been the best month so far as your personality is really starting to show.  You are smiling, cooing and are just starting to laugh.  You have grown quite a bit this past month and have the cutest cheeks.  You weigh approximately 13 1/2 pounds and are wearing 3-6 month clothes.  I still have some size 1 diapers that we are trying to finish up but at night you are wearing size 2 and will soon be wearing only that.  You are also eating 4-5 ounces of formula every 2 1/2 - 4 hours.

You are starting to grab things and want to hold your ball, lovey, bib, pacifier clip or whatever your little hands can hold.  You have also discovered your mouth recently and are always try to put your fist in there!

You are sleeping well during the night and usually wake up just once or twice.  You like to go to bed between 8-8:30 pm and will sleep anywhere from 2-4 am and then get up again between 6-7 am.  You take one or two 30 minute naps in the morning and then a longer stretch in the afternoon.

You are not rolling over yet and have really not shown an interest in this.  We spend quite a bit of time on your tummy which you do not seem to mind.  You are getting stronger every day!

You love to play in your room and we have really started to bring out some toys.  You love to smile at bright lights, when you hear music and of course when your mom and dad talk to you :)

Looking forward to what this next month has to hold.

Happy three months Henry!  

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  1. He is such a doll! I love how happy he is in all the pics. He's hardcore laughing in some of them! I miss the little guy. I need you two to go on another date night soon :)


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