One Month...

Henry Ryan.... you are officially one month old!

These past few weeks have gone quickly and every night I go to bed wondering how the day went by so fast.  Being a mommy is definitely hard work but it's worth every second.  At your one month appointment you weighed 8 pounds 11 ounces and were almost 22 inches long.  Definitely a growing boy which is great.  You are still wearing some newborn clothes but are able to fit in 0-3 month outfits now.  While we love you to pieces you've been somewhat of a fussy baby lately.  You have a hard time feeling content and seem to cry most of the day when you are not sleeping.  We found out you have reflux and the pediatrician prescribed us some medicine to help with this.  We're hoping it kicks in soon so you feel better and we're all able to get some rest around here!

A recap of your first month...

The first week and a half that you were home we were lucky to have your dad with us.  During that time we celebrated your first Thanksgiving.  We have a lot to be thankful for this year!

That evening you watched the Aggie game in your Dad's lap but unfortunately the outcome wasn't in our favor.  We're hoping we'll have better luck in the SEC next year.

I've taken hundreds of pictures of you this last month and only a few have turned out really cute.  You are a squirmy little baby but I do love this one I was able to capture below.

We've started putting you on your tummy to help build your neck muscles and you seem very strong.  You kick and lift your head up.  This only lasts a few minutes and then you let us know when you are done :)

You watched your first OU game and unfortunately this did not end in our favor as well.  At least you looked cute!

You've really started to enjoy bath time now that we are actually able to put you in the tub.  We usually give you a bath every night as part of your bed time routine.

Lately you have a bad case of baby acne and it makes me so sad!  I know it doesn't bother you and that it is pretty common among babies but I'm hoping it clears up soon.

Usually your dad will give you a bottle around 8 pm and then we'll lay you in your crib for bed.  We started swaddling you with blankets at first but you quickly learned how to get out of those.  We've had much more luck with the velcro swaddle me blankets. Typically you sleep until 11 or 12 at night and then are up again around 3 and then 6 in the morning.  You are up fairly often in the night but you usually go right back to sleep after you eat and we change your diaper.  We're looking forward to when you sleep longer but I know this phase will pass soon enough.

During the day you are very alert and like to be held or in your Bjorn.  You normally take a nap in the morning and then again later in the afternoon.  Sometimes you nap in your crib, in my lap or your seat.  You always seem to have your hands up when you sleep which is pretty cute :)

In the afternoons we try to get out and go for a walk with Benny.  You love to ride in your stroller and lately you've been loving your Wubba Nub pacifier.

We attempted your one month pictures in the cute onesies Nicole made for you but our photo session didn't go so well.  You had a hard time sitting still and I could never get a good picture.  You then proceeded to spit up on your shirt which made the sticker soggy and it tore.  Hopefully our two month picture will go a little better :)

Happy one month Henry!


  1. Love all the pics - he's so sweet! I can't believe how fast a month went by. His little bow tie onesie looks so cute on him!

  2. Congrats on your beautiful baby boy!!! You look great!!! Love the pics :0)


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