32 Weeks!

I officially look really pregnant and feel really pregnant.  There's no denying that I'm 8 months along.  Everywhere I go someone asks me when I'm due, is it a boy or girl and is this my first.  I even had the checkout guy at Kroger ask if he could push my cart out to my car.  I truly don't mind answering the questions as everyone seems genuinely interested and happy for me.  I've only had one incident when the crazy sales lady in the shoe department at Dillards asked if she could touch my belly while putting her hand on my stomach even after I gave her a crazy look.  I'm happy to answer any questions but please don't put your hands on my stomach.  Especially if I don't even know you...

A few updates...

  • Since my last post I've been to the doctor twice.  We had an ultrasound at 30 weeks and we're able to see our sweet little boy.  He's grown so much since our last peek and at 30 weeks he was measuring about 3 pounds.  She said I was measuring a little ahead of our due date which is fine by me!  Everything is checking out fine and we're grateful to have a healthy little boy growing in my belly. 
  • I scheduled the rest of my appointments until our due date and I start going every week at 35 weeks.  Crazy....
  • My coworkers hosted a baby shower for another girl and I and we are so thankful!  They gifted us with many nice things. 
  • I received an invitation for a baby shower my friends are hosting for me in October and it is absolutely adorable.  I can't wait to see what they come up with :)
  •  My brother's wedding is this weekend and I'm so excited to celebrate this great occasion with them.  I'm a little concerned about my bridesmaid dress fitting as it was pretty tight when I tried it on yesterday but I'm hoping I won't grow too much in the next week... Maybe I should have passed on the donut holes I ate this morning :/
  • Ryan's aunt made us the cutest rompers out of his dad's dress shirts.  I can't wait to dress him up in these and take his picture!  
  • All in all, things are still going well!
Work shower

Cute Rompers

32 Weeks :)


  1. i can't believe you are already at 8 months! i wish you all the best in the final month. :)

  2. You're so cute! My goodness time has flown by! I feel like just yesterday you were telling me you were preggo and now 8 MONTHS?!?

    I hope you don't mind me rubbing the belly :) Since I didn't get to see you this weekend I rubbed Ryan's belly in your absence...not sure how he felt about that! Ha

    Can't wait for the shower!

  3. Those rompers are too precious!!? What a special gift!! If they are small enough he could use one as his homecoming outfit :o). Congrats again Rudy Family!!!


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