25 Weeks!

This past Saturday I hit 25 weeks and it's hard to believe not too much longer and I'll be in the third trimester.  So far pregnancy has been going very well and I really don't have anything to complain about.  I know things may change as we get closer to the due date so I'm trying to soak it all up now and enjoy this time.  A few highlights...

  • Bedding and furniture have finally been decided and ordered!  I know Ryan was sick of me asking his opinion on colors, fabrics, etc. but we've finally decided on something and I'm really excited about.  I haven't set anything up yet but I will share details and pictures as we get closer.  
  • Running is no longer a part of my exercise routine.  I just wasn't comfortable anymore and I have since moved to walking.  Ryan and I have been able to take longs walks on the weekends with the pup and I really enjoy this time together.  I wasn't able to carry on a conversation during our runs anymore so this has been a welcome change.  I'm still going to my cardio classes at the gym though and I think I'll be able to keep this up for some time. 
  • Shopping for maternity clothes is fun.  Yet my wallet has taken a beating... I am still struggling with finding clothes for work though as there seem to be so many cute options for casual weekend wear.  I'm trying to find items that I can wear for both and of course the items I do find tend to be pricier.... 
  • Shopping for baby clothes is even more fun.  I have quite a few cute items already that I can't wait to dress our baby boy in...
  • Prenatal massages are a must during pregnancy!  Ryan gave me a gift certificate for our anniversary in June and I just used it last week.  I had a 90 min prenatal massage and it was pure bliss.  I think I'll definitely be making another return before November. 
  • Weight gain has slowed down in the last few weeks.  I'm actually a little surprised as I find myself eating large cookies in the afternoon at work but I guess I should be thankful for now.  I hear that about this time it can really pack on so I'm sure my time is yet to come.  Let's just hope it holds off for another few weeks since we're going on a beach trip with our friends and I am still hoping to wear a swimsuit without completing scaring everyone...
25 weeks :)

And just because I haven't shared a pic lately of this cute guy... Regardless of the heat he still wants to be outside playing with the ball!

Have a good week!

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