Baby Rudy

Ryan and I are expecting Baby Rudy this November and we are feeling so blessed and excited.  We found out March 9th and it's been so hard keeping it a secret. Well, we did tell immediate family and a few friends within a few weeks of us finding us but it's been fun sharing with everyone else recently.

So, here's our story.... :)

Ryan and I had decided in the fall of 2010 that we were ready to expand our family.  Well, as ready as you can be.... We were in no rush and new when the time was right it would happen for us.  So, fast forward to the spring of 2011 and I was a couple of days late.  At that point I had taken a few pregnancy tests and all were negative.  I was disappointed but figured I had at least one more month to enjoy vino.... Well, one evening it dawned on me that I was going about it all wrong!  I had been taking the tests in the evening when in fact the best time to take them was right away in the morning.  I'm not sure how I missed that fact but decided to take one the next morning.  I didn't tell Ryan because I really figured that it would be negative and no point in getting his hopes up.  Well, next morning at 5 am I pulled out another test and peed on a stick..... I hopped in the shower and said I'd read the results when I got out.  Well sure enough - I saw two lines.  Two lines..  Not just one.  I smiled.  Then I panicked.  Thoughts of "Oh my gosh, this is really happening" were going through my head.  "Are we ready??"   Then I smiled again.  Yes, it was really happening and I was overcome with joy.

I normally wake Ryan up around 5:45 once I'm done in the bathroom and that morning I did the same.  Except this time I casually mentioned to him that he was going to be a dad.  I've never seen a more confused expression on his face.  It was priceless.  He rubbed his eyes and looked at me and then it hit him.  I showed him the proof and he smiled.  We were going to be parents.  Let the journey begin....

Baby Rudy has already received so much love and has been showered with several gifts.  The day that Ryan and I actually found out I already had lunch plans with my mom.  I wasn't sure if I was going to tell her yet but I couldn't keep the secret.  There happened to be a Baby Gap right near us and of course we had to go in and purchase something.  We ended up walking away a stuffed animal that I know will be super cute in his/her nursery.  My mom also ran out that afternoon and picked up a stack of books.  I've also received a few other items pictured below...

Baby Rudy also received his/her first OU outfit!  Ryan wasn't too thrilled but I love it :)

My  mom also gave me a few skincare items for myself...

So far I have been really fortunate and felt fine most of the first trimester.  The biggest thing I've noticed is that I've been a little more tired than usual.  I also find myself craving orange juice which is something I was never really a big fan of before, unless it had champagne in it :)

All in all, Ryan and I are so excited and truly are blessed to begin this next chapter in our lives!


  1. congratulations Lauren!!! so exciting!

  2. I am so happy for you and Ryan! You're going to be great parents!

  3. I love this post :) And I'm glad to see little Sophie made the pics!

  4. so happy for y'all! ryan better get that baby some aggie gear soon!


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