We have a pool! Well, my parents do....

I mentioned a few weeks ago that my parents moved into their new house and that it deserved a post of its own.  And it most certainly does.  It does just because of the fact that they now have a pool.  I don't know about anyone else but if you live in Texas you need a pool.  Or at least know someone that has one nearby.  I wanted a pool my whole entire life growing up and now, when I'm 26, they decide to build a house with a beautiful pool.  Good thing the house has plenty of room for my little fam of three because they don't know it yet but we are moving in :)

Anyways, I wanted to share a few pictures because their new house is beautiful and my parents spent so much time on every detail that it wouldn't be fair to not share this with others.  And now for a tour of some of my favorite rooms...

Great Room

We normally find oureslves gathering in the kitchen when we all get together and now we will be able to cook, hang out at the island, eat at the table, watch TV and no one would be left out. 
One of the many old doors 

I know this picture isn't exactly a room but I wanted to show a picture of one of the doors. My parents carefully selected old doors and had them refurbished to fit their house. I love that they did this and it really adds character to the house. 

Wine Room

I think the picture says enough but everything about this room is amazing.  I love how you have to step down to enter the room and I love the antique brick on the walls and ceiling.  Oh, and I kinda love all the wine in the room :)

Master Bath

Now this is truly one of my favorite rooms.  Look at the tub!!!  I think it's calling my name...

Outdoor Living / Pool

There she is.  The pool.  The pool I always wanted.  And it's everything I dreamed of. 

More outdoor living

Even though it's the hottest time of the year here in Texas we have still spent tons of time out here already and I imagine that will always be the case. 

I hope you enjoyed the tour.  I know I sure did and I wasn't kidding about moving in.  Mom, I know you're reading this so I hope you don't mind.... I promise Benny won't go swimming too much :)  Honestly though, they have built this house for their family and I'm so excited for all the fun memories to come here. 

Also, I couldn't end this post without a picture from Ryan's birthday night.  My mom cooked up a delicious meal and we ended the evening with a delicious carrot cake.  Unfortantly, I do not get "wife of the year" as I did not bake this but I did pick it up from a fabulous local market and that counts in my book :) 


  1. I LOVE IT!! It's so perfect! It's a little vacation spot for you guys :) I'm also in love with the master bath. Your momma needs an award for her decorating skills! Maybe she could give us a class??

  2. can we move in too? :) it looks gorgeous!

  3. OMG, their house? GORGEOUS! The details are just spectacular.

  4. Do you think your parents would mind if I moved in too? ;-)


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