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I promised to provide more pictures on my blog and to keep with my promise I have provided all my faithful readers with a few from recent happenings.  I can't guarantee that they are very good pictures but they are pictures.  And they actually include people and not just dogs.  So here it goes...

Last weekend Ryan and I made the short trek to Austin for a little weekend getaway.  This year has been so busy with school and work that Ryan and I simply needed to get away.  And sleep.  And relax.  And that we did.  However, when we arrived on Friday evening we had a little problem with our room key.  As in it wouldn't open the hotel room.  And the guy swore it would work and yet it didn't.  Every. single. time.  At this point it's past 9 pm we are starving and in need of an adult beverage.  Ryan decides he's had enough and boldly marches down to the front desk and demands a new room.  We didn't exactly get a new room but we were promised when we came back from dinner our keys would work.  I guess Ryan didn't look scary enough but they did give us two complimentary breakfast buffets the next morning. Not quite a new room but hey, I'll take a delicious omelet any day :)

The next morning Ryan and I slept in and then enjoyed our delicious FREE breakfast downstairs before making plans for the day.  We decided to hit up a local winery just 25 miles south of Austin called Mandola Estate Winery.  I'm pretty sure it was 11 am and we  had already tasted five wines each.  Who's judging?  I'm pretty sure it's ok to drink before noon when on vacation.

After we sampled some Texas wines we drove around a bit and then decided we would go back to the hotel and then spend the afternoon walking around.  That lasted about 20 minutes.  Ryan and I were soaking wet and decided what the heck were we thinking.  Walking around in 100 degrees??  Not exactly relaxing.  So we hit up a local convenience store for a six pack and went up the roof-top pool at the hotel.  Now we're talking.  I was much happier reading my magazine next to a pool, beer in hand, with a great view of downtown Austin.

After a leisure afternoon we cleaned up and went for an early dinner at Iron Cactus on 6th Street.  We enjoyed some great food and then headed to the concert.  The concert is actually the real reason we made this little trip to Austin as one of our fave bands, Passion Pit, was going to be in Texas.  What we didn't realize was that while the doors to the venue opened at 7 the band didn't actually come out until 10:30.  Clue number one we are getting too old for concerts.  Clue number two was that we really were the oldest people at the concert.  I'm pretty sure all the other boys were wearing skinny jeans and had just graduated from high school while Ryan had on khaki shorts and a polo and almost has his second college degree.  Anyways, we had a great time hanging out, err sweating, waiting for the concert to start.

I told you we were sweaty...

I will say the concert was great though.  The venue really was awesome and we jammed out with the rest of the skinny jean wearing, high school kiddos and promptly headed back to our hotel afterward for a cold shower and slept for about 12 hours.  I told you we were getting old but it was wonderful. 

Moving on....

Last night I went to dinner with three of my best friends, Kim, Sara & Leslie and we had a great time catching up with each other.  After dinner we headed back to my house and enjoyed another glass (or two) of vino.  Ryan so kindly took this picture of us which I think might have been the third of fourth try.  We couldn't stop giggling and while this one isn't perfect it was still the best.  Oh, and Leslie is officially moving back from Dallas to start her career as a dentist here in Houston and I'm looking forward to having the whole gang back together.   

In other recent news, my parents moved into their new house today.  The house we have all been waiting for.  And it has a pool.  I don't want to say too much as this news deserves a whole post for itself...

Happy Weekend!

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