Cotton Candy & Christmas Cards

We are officially off from work until next Monday and it feels great! Ryan finally gets a break from school as well so we are looking forward to spending time with each other and family over the next few days. So, before the holiday festivities begin I wanted to share a few pics and recap our last weekend.

This past Saturday night we celebrated my future sister-in-law's birthday at Catalan and had a blast. This is one of our favorite restaurants in Houston as the food is always excellent and the atmosphere is great. You also get a special treat when you go on your birthday as they serve you a huge amount of cotton candy in a martini glass with a sparkler on top. Sounds odd but it's so fun and actually yummy. I'm pretty sure Courtney and I ate the most out of our group...

On Sunday, we had a date with Aaron and Nicole and their pups to take pictures for our Christmas cards. I really wanted to send out Christmas cards but I didn't have a recent picture of Ryan and I with Bennett so Nicole and I decided to play photographer for the afternoon. I'm pretty sure I haven't laughed that hard in a long time. I think we need to leave it to the professionals in the future...

Anyways, it was a beautiful day and we decided to take the pictures on campus at Rice as it was dog friendly and had a ton of pretty trees. Well, I think Nicole and I had a completely different vision of how our afternoon would go than the boys. We were hoping to get in some candid shots using our awesome photography skills but apparently the boys didn't like the idea. Of course there happened to be a ton of people out playing football or hanging out on the lawn so we definitely weren't all alone. Five minutes into our little "session" Ryan looks over at me with an ugly look on his face (while he's carrying my bag and holding onto Bennett) as I'm rapidly taking pictures of Aaron and Nicole strolling hand in hand with their pups and says, "I did not sign up for this." I couldn't help but laugh. How does he expect me to get any good at photography if he doesn't let me practice! Anyways, we wrapped up the session very quickly and took only the standard shots that one would usually see on a Christmas card. Oh well, at least it was fun while it lasted!

I don't want to spoil which picture I am using for our Christmas cards but I will share one of them them I love. We were headed back to the car and Ryan and I were walking in front with Bennett. Nicole told us to turn around and she snapped this picture. I think my favorite part is the fact that Bennett is right between our legs. We have THAT dog that is constantly getting between us if we are even remotely close to each other or hugging. Gotta love him though...

and that's my recap for now....Happy Thanksgiving!


  1. I LOVE this post and I love that pic of you three!! So cute. I had a blast on Sunday. Thanks for doing that with us and one day we will be the professionals!! ;)

    Love the pics of you all at Catalan. You are all so cute! I need that cotton candy in a martini glass!!

  2. Oh my gosh, I love cotton candy! That sounds so awesome!

    Your picture is super cute too!

  3. awe! i love the picture--and you guys are so smart to team um on the christmas card picture taking!

  4. Very cute photo! I can't wait to see the Christmas card. I am sure Nicole and Aaron have cute pics too!


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