Benny the Brat

Ryan and I went to lunch today and decided to leave Bennett outside while we were gone. Benny normally stays inside his crate any time we are gone. He always goes right in and is fine. Now that he is almost a year and half old we have decided that we are going to start leaving him outside alone for short periods of time. Well, BAD IDEA.

We were only gone barely an hour and came home to find our backyard a mess. Bennett, the Beast, had torn up our cushions on the patio furniture, taken out the bricks from the fire pit and broken a flower pot. Cotton was everywhere, pieces of the broken pot were scattered throughout the yard and mulch from the pot was all over our patio. Oh, and Bennett was prancing around the yard practically saying, "Haha, see if you ever leave me alone again."

Back to the crate you go Bennett.

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