Rudy Rivalry

It's a big week in the Rudy household - A&M plays OU this weekend in College Station. In case you are wondering, I'm a Sooner and I have married (gasp) an Aggie. I come from a family of Sooners (well minus one) and Ryan one of Aggies. The past 6 years we have gone to this game (not always sitting together and not always speaking to each other) and we will continue this tradition yet again on Saturday. So far the Sooners are up 5-1 in this match-up but that one loss for OU was absolutely miserable. The Sooners came into Kyle Field ranked #1 in the nation and had a heart breaking loss in 2002. Of course, that was the year I sat in the A&M student section sporting my crimson shirt next to aggie football fanatics Ryan and Mark - never did I make that mistake again. However, the Sooners made up for it next year in Norman with a 77-0 win.

Even though one team ends up on top of the other we have still managed to have some of our best memories from this weekend. I could go on and on with all the stories we have but I'll keep this brief and post a few pictures over the years....

Alison and I at Kyle Field - Fall 2004

Ryan and I in Norman - Fall 2005

3 Ags, 2 Sooners and 1 Coug - Fall 2006

Ryan and I in College Station - Fall 2006

Alison and I tailgating in Norman - Fall 2007

May the best team win -- BOOMER!


  1. OU got lucky in that 77-0 win in 2003. A&M had the Sooners right where they wanted them but time ran out before the greatest comeback in the history of football could begin.

  2. Uh-oh! Ryan's already starting the OU bashing. This could be a very bad weekend! HA

    I'm excited! Can't wait to hang out with you all :)


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